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Our Story

Having owned and operated Ryan Anthony’s Heating  & Air Conditioning since 2006, customers frequently asked me to recommend quality contractors. Let’s face it, nowadays; anyone with a cell phone and a pick up truck can disguise themselves as a general contractor.

As both a homeowner and business owner, I have suffered my own frustrations with contractors in regards to communication, time frames, and hidden up-charges. Undoubtedly, the most disappointing aspect of these experiences had been poor quality of work. Having witnessed these mishaps for a number of years, I  became strikingly aware of the pitfalls of the general contracting industry. 

In my own business these issues affected me in a different way. In an effort to make the most profit, GCs would often request the cheapest possible price for my trade. Left with the decision to use less quality materials, and /or rush timeframes or not be chosen for the job, I quickly learned that I would not be a good fit for most general contractors. If I were going to participate in any home improvement projects, quality and honesty would have to be top priority.


I decided to reach out to my friend for over 20 years, Bob Carroll. Bob has been a busy subcontractor, who has worked for many other general contracting companies for over 25 years. He is an expert carpenter and craftsman and employs skilled, full-time staff. It took some hard work to convince Bob to leave the comforts of the familiar, but we knew with our combined expertise in all phases of contracting and our shared mindset in accountability, together we could provide the type of quality and overall experience that our customers deserve from start to finish.

With that being said we knew it was time to officially start Long Island Building and Contracting Consultants which will operate out of Nassau County and Suffolk County. 

-Ryan Anthony

We Understand Requirements

Knowing the town codes within Nassau County and Suffolk County for construction zones and permits is important and you can rest assured that our work is within county guidelines and standards.

On Time Work

Our work is done on time allowing you peace of mind in knowing the progress each step of the way during our construction and home renovation projects.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry

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